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  • D Shackles are used for attaching grips to swivels. D Shackles 316 S/S – CSK Slotted Head. D Shackles are available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.

  • Using 2 part epoxy resin, glued onto ends of continuous fibreglass. Couplings are available in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Provides a 500mm radius around an inside or outside corner at angles up to 45°. These blocks are mounted on the pole bracket RPB-100 and, with the use of the APH-207, can be utilised at a variety of angles. The advantages of the corner cable block are to ensure the bend radius of the cable…

  • CLP has been the Australian, New Zealand and South Pacific agent for Plumettaz S.A. since 1996. Plumett cable jetting machines have been designed for blowing or floating telecommunication and data transmission cables (optical fibre, coax or multipair) in preinstalled ducts.

  • Suitable for cleaning conduit of sand, mud and other debris. Rubber Conduit Cleaners are available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide ** CLP tools are referenced by the unit diameter, always confirm the I.D. of the conduit to ensure a suitable fit.

  • Suits heavy duty pit lids. The Hydraulic Handylift makes light work of lifting heavy covers and is labour saving. Whether the covers are internal, block-paved, Gatic or split triangle, a kit can be provided to lift them quickly and safely, protecting operators from back & finger injury and removing all physical strain from the lifting process.…

  • High Performance Lubricant Gel: Suitable for heavy power cable and roughly sheathed cable ( e.g. hessian, bitumen, etc.) This is a thixotropic* gel that enables hand application to cable. Aquagel AQG Green is available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide. *The thixotropic gel contains a time-dependent shear thinning property, meaning it is thick under static…

  • Mini Harness is used for pulling back more than one cable at a time. Mini Harness is available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.

  • Used for pulling slack during final placement of cable in exchange buildings and at termination points such as pole tops where the end of the cable cannot be used to haul from. Open Tubular Offset Eye Grips are available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide. CLP WIRE CABLE GRIPS ARE NOT DESIGNED FOR LIFTING

  • Manufactured from natural polypropylene in light and heavy gauge. Poly Drawline is available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.

  • FiComms – a company developing smart technology to revolutionise the global telco installation industry. Available in Australia, New Zealand and Worldwide.

  • The Manhole Lid Seal Breaker (MPK-200) can be coupled onto a Manhole Pit Key (MPK-500) to open difficult and jammed manhole lids. Simply place the forks of the breaker under the key’s side-fins and press down with your foot on the other end whilst pulling up with your arm. This lifts stubborn lids with ease…