Aqualube Type A Clear

General purpose cable lubricant: Electrical contractors and utility linesmen will find “Type A” excellent for all general cable hauling operations. Suitable for all cable including fibre optic and all conduits. It is a pourable liquid with a unique stringy flow. Aqualube Type A Clear is available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.


CLP is renowned for blending quality hauling lubricant that goes the extra mile.  Our Aqualube range comprises a water-based, professional-grade cable lubricant that comes in three varieties to cover all types of cable installation. Aqualube leaves a harmless powder that remains indefinitely after evaporation and is able to be reactivated with the addition of water. Compared to other lubricant varieties, Aqualube has an excellent coefficient of friction which provides smooth, easy installation of cable that will save you time and money.  Manufactured in our Australian plant, Aqualube should be your first choice always.

CLP Code Description
ALA-01 Aqualube A 1ltr Bottles – supplied in a carton of 12
ALA-20 Aqualube A 20ltr Drum
ALA-200 Aqualube A 200 ltr Drum

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